Sandwich Video

These are the core people who make Sandwich Video what it is.
And here is where to find out about all the talented people who’ve helped make the videos.

Adam Lisagor Founder

Adam started making these on accident. He literally didn't know what a camera was, nor that it was recording, but sure enough, the industry came clamoring for more.

JP Bolles Creative Director

JP directs videos at Sandwich. He made his start as an editor cutting trailers and short films, then joined Adam in 2011. He loves the Internet and meeting cool dogs.

Shadie Elnashai Executive Producer

Shadie started producing for Sandwich in 2012 as a freelancer, and now serves as Executive Producer. He is also Vice President of the Board of Directors at Cinefamily and a Magician at the Magic Castle.

Sabrina Skau Creative

Sabrina studied anthropology and documentary filmmaking before joining Sandwich in late 2013. She directs and edits videos for Sandwich.

Greg Kindra Head of Production

Greg's rise to notoriety at Sandwich has been set against a backdrop of rants on the best donut in LA, why receipts are too long, and how EVERY printer is the Devil. Producing is merely an excuse to create a built-in audience for his musings.

Joshua Allen Head Writer

Josh is a complex and exciting man. His favorite movie is any movie that takes place over the course of one crazy night. He's been living at Fireland since 1995. He's been writing for Sandwich since 2011.

Zach Hobesh

Zach is a Bay Area native and studied Film & Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz before joining Sandwich in 2015. In the past, he has worked for VFX houses, television stations, tech startups, design firms and an NBA team (the Clippers).

Roxana Altamirano Casting Director

Roxana Altamirano is a casting director. You can contact her at

Salwa Kyobe Office Manager

Salwa is a Seattleite who's made a life in LA working in production, and joined Sandwich in 2014 as office manager. She thinks macaroons are overrated and French fries are a food group.

Samantha Morris Accounting

Samantha has a background in film and television production, improv comedy, writing and running. At Sandwich, she helps set schedules and keeps the books.