We’re always looking for talented people. Inquire within.

Adam Lisagor


Adam started making these on accident. He literally didn’t know what a camera was, nor that it was recording, but sure enough, the industry came clamoring for more.


JP Bolles

Creative Director

JP directs and creative directs videos at Sandwich. He made his start as an editor cutting trailers and short films, then joined Adam in 2011. He loves the Internet and meeting cool dogs.


Lauren Cynkar

Executive Producer

All of Lauren’s external drives are named after foods, so coming to work at a place called Sandwich seemed like a natural professional progression. Lauren lives in West Hollywood with her flash drives Burrito, Pepper, Snack, Beans, Soup, Portobello, Nacho, and her husband Steve.


Zach Hobesh

Head of Post

Zach is a Bay Area native and studied Film & Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz before joining Sandwich in 2015. In the past, he has worked for VFX houses, television stations, tech startups, design firms and an NBA team (the Clippers).


Joshua Allen

Head Writer

Josh is a complex and exciting man. His favorite movie is any movie that takes place over the course of one crazy night. He’s been living at Fireland since 1995. He’s been writing for Sandwich since 2011.


Claude Zeins

Director / Creative

Claude made his start at Sandwich Video in early 2012. He edited the second season of the podcast “You Look Nice Today.” He’s directed a bunch for Sandwich.


Dave Beglin

Head of Production

A native Midwesterner, Dave joined Sandwich in 2015. When not producing, he enjoys a good Old Fashioned, building stuff with wood and idolizing Nick Offerman.


Benjamin Lebeau

Lead Editor / Director of Crypto

Benjamin is a 5’9”, 160 pound Homo sapiens. He’s a film lover, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, and an avid consumer of meal replacement beverages. Ask him about Bitcoin.


Jackie Price

Manager of Accounting and Admin

Jackie hails from the mean streets of East New York and Rockaway Beach, and never walks away from a good street brawl. She likes listening to a little Danish or Norwegian metal for relaxation, and finds playing VR games akin to what is probably a religious experience.


Mike Merrill


Mike is the majordomo for Sandwich, which is not an invented term, but no one knows what it means. He is the world’s only publicly-traded person, which he did invent, and the brand ambassador for a hot sauce company that someone else invented.


Lindsey Norden

Assistant Editor

Lindsey is an assistant editor here at Sandwich. She enjoys embracing every “recent college graduate” cliche in the book.


Jordan DiRisio


Jordan was created in a lab just 4 years ago and is still in the creator’s ‘testing process’ but dreams of someday becoming a real Thanksgiving style turkey sandwich. He’s been programmed to care too much about hockey and little else.


Nichole Luna

Office Assistant

Nichole is a professional short person and coffee shop writer. She lives in SoCal with her cat Lucy. She enjoys coffee, hot sauce, and a pseudo-form of yoga that she completely made up.


Jenny Panush

Editorial Assistant

Jenny Panush is a living cartoon pulled from the “Chalk Zone”. Her personal hero is Laika the space dog. She welcomes the future and can’t wait to have a Veldt in her home.